Value Engineering

Value Engineering

When we begin work on a Value Engineering project your new wishes and requirements are established in a programme of requirements. The new requirements may be the result of an improved functionality, changing market demands or a new look.

We subsequently identify the necessary parts and produce 3D models. You receive a new 3D view in which the product has been elaborated in full.


If your products have already been developed, we make them ready for production. The starting point in this process is the most efficient production method. In many cases, redesigning existing products and using the possibilities of the existing production resources, provides cost savings. A prime example concerns re-engineering welded tubing frames to produce frames from constructively folded sheet metal.


If you decide to have existing products redesigned and to use existing production resources, in many cases this will deliver cost savings. If you opt to work with ITEQ Engineering you will receive:

  • Cost management
  • Cost savings
  • Improved operational processes
  • Higher quality for your products and services
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