Your product must be functional, do what it is supposed to and this is why testing is important. ITEQ Engineering tests prototypes in a special clean room designed for this purpose.

The results of the tests are compared with the requirements established in the programme of requirements. This ensures that the final delivery is fully consistent with your wishes and requirements.

CE Marking

Each machine and installation must comply with established laws and regulations. This is CE Marking. ITEQ Engineering makes sure your product complies with CE Marking. We take this into account during the design and production stage of a machine or piece of equipment. ITEQ has also acquired the necessary experience to handle the corresponding documentation.

Documentation and certification

The CE Marking documentation includes conducting a standards examination, the mandatory risk inventory and evaluation (RIE), compiling user and maintenance manuals and gathering or drafting other required certificates and documentation. Together with our specialist you run through all the steps so that you receive a certified and safe product.

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