Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering involves devising, designing, analysing, producing and improving products for machines and equipment. The ITEQ Engineering team applies the latest technological developments in production techniques and knowledge of materials to create the most suitable products for your needs.

The programme of requirements is always decisive in mechanical engineering. Our strength lies in extensive technical knowledge and the ability to devise smart solutions, in which producibility is paramount.

We use different materials such as metal or plastic to develop the right semi-finished product. Afterwards we use the semi-finished product during assembly.

3D modelling

For the design and elaboration we use the 3D drawing package SolidWorks, among others. This program helps us quickly and effectively generate 2D and 3D drawings.

By using this software you can see how various elements will look and operate, early on in the process. The 3D drawings make the design far more transparent. Existing machine parts can also be quickly incorporated in the drawing.

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